Kenyans in Sheffield and Surrounding areas Association (KISHA) UK is a unincorporated association established in May 2020 in the UK. The association represents Kenyans of all backgrounds in Sheffield and its surroundings.


Our mission is to provide a forum for Kenyan nationals to investigate, define and determine issues affecting the wider community with a view of implementing change, to alleviate and improve living standards amongst the members. We will also aim in networking with other communities as well as signposting a safe lading for new Kenyan arrivals within Sheffield and surrounding areas. 


KISHA (UK) is committed to assisting Kenyans in answering questions pertaining to daily activities of living as well as questions round their being in United Kingdom.

The Association will collaborate with private and public agencies/organizations that share common concerns for improving our Wellbeing. We intend to publish Newsletters twice a year which may increase as the association grows. The association will be a point of communication for all Kenyans in Sheffield and sorroundings uplifting the motto "Together we stand divided we fall". 


KISHA (UK) will also convene an Annual gala dinner every end of the year recognising various activities by the participants. This gala will host various prominent speakers to encourage, motivate and guide the Kenyan community. There will be various activities and events held out through the year with the aim of informing the participants of their being, making UK a better and fruitful place to flourish as a community. 

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